Dinosaur Valley State Park – Footprints of a lost era …..

June 26, 2017 Uncategorized

Dinosaur Valley State Park – Introduction

Dinosaur Valley and Footprints in the sand? Millennia ago, there were. Today the footprints are encased in rock, in the Paluxy riverbed. Some above the waterline, some below. They say late summer is the time when the most footprints are visible and the least amount of water is in the riverbed. There are several things to see and do in the park.

Dinosaur Valley State Park – Things to do

Campsites … we didn’t camp within the park, but, there are a pile of water/electric RV sites to use.

Artifact Collection – There is much to learn all over the park. From the displays in various locations to the displays in the visitors center.

Hiking / Biking / Equestrian – There are numerous trails throughout the park for foot travel as well as for bike and horse us...

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Modify RV Air Conditioning System Digital Thermostat

December 26, 2016 Trailer Mods / Repairs


There are significant differences in the way RV systems work in comparison to home systems. My goal with this mod is to move those differences in air and heat closer together. We have totally separate heating and air conditioning systems, the short falls are there is little air movement when the heat is running and Gas furnace, alone, really tends to dry out the air, moreover, neither unit has a particularly accurate thermostat, this mod fixes that.

Changes in the System

Removing the analog thermostat and replacing with a digital is key to the entire operation. We are well aware of our optimal winter and summer temperature preferences and analog is so difficult to set up. Digital tends to be more “set and forget”...

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RV Mod: Adding / Installing an RV Dinette

December 19, 2016 Trailer Mods / Repairs

Adding an RV Dinette Introduction / Description

We do quite a lot of RV living in the winter months. We have a hybrid and in the winter it just isn’t comfy sleeping in a tent. Subsequently, we were looking for a way to have a permanent bed, as well as a table for additional counterspace, work, and eating meals. We came up with, considered heavily, and acted upon a plan for a fairly thin table that takes up about 6 inches of walking space.

Our plan involved buying 2 table legs and a 12 inch plank. We have been using this new table for several days and, for us, it works out perfectly. Our RV has very little counter space, and for cooking, we needed just a bit more. This table is a total score!! For working on the laptop, it also works well.

Below is a video we made for the installatio...

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Travel Trailer (RV) Mods!! Electric Water Heater Element

December 1, 2016 Trailer Mods / Repairs



This is a four part video series on choosing, gathering parts and tools, preparing for and finally installing an electric water heater element.  The only reason it is four parts is to keep each individual video around or below the 10 minute range.

Part 1:  Choosing the electric water heater system and gathering the parts and tools to do the job.

Unpacking and unboxing the parts for modding an Atwood Propane Water Heater and fitting it with an Electric Heating Element.

Also description of tools one might need for the job.


Diamond Group HR6 Water Heater Parts Kit
Light Switch with or Without Pilot Light
Single Gang Old Work Box or Similar


6 Way Screwdriver
Electrical Wire Cutter / Stripper
Razor Knife
Wrenches / Pliers
Drill Bits 1/4 and 1...

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Solar Charge Controller Woes ….. Disconnect Needed

November 29, 2016 Trailer Mods / Repairs

Funny thing happened the other day.  I was doing some electrical work and popped a GFCI plug.  Didn’t think too much about it, went on about my businness and finished the work.  A couple days later I went into the trailer and …. no lights.  Since I don’t plug in, ever …. this only meant one thing, dead battery.  As I looked into the reasons for a dead battery, I discovered that the Solar Charge controller was no longer functioning.  I have ordered a new one, and it is on its way.  I really need to design in a fail safe that disconnects the solar controller when we are plugged in to 110 at a campground.  It sort of makes sense that there could be a spike on the trailer chassis ground for a split second, if and when a GFCI pops, and if there were a spike …...

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Enchanted Rock – a Gem in the Hill Country of Texas

November 28, 2016 Trips

Enchanted Rock – Introduction

MOST IMPORTANT ADVICE!! ARRIVE VERY EARLY!! When parking fills up, they close the park. Us locals all know, so we arrive at the crack of the Enchanted Rock visitor center opening to no later than 2 hours into the day. If you want to see this park, arrive early!

We have been to Enchanted Rock three separate times, for multiple days, each time. There is still more to see and do, down there. That is, without question, one of the most photogenic places I have ever been to. All of that granite, pinks and reds …. just begs to be the backdrop for something special...

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