Enchanted Rock – a Gem in the Hill Country of Texas

November 28, 2016 Trips

Enchanted Rock – Introduction

MOST IMPORTANT ADVICE!! ARRIVE VERY EARLY!! When parking fills up, they close the park. Us locals all know, so we arrive at the crack of the Enchanted Rock visitor center opening to no later than 2 hours into the day. If you want to see this park, arrive early!

We have been to Enchanted Rock three separate times, for multiple days, each time. There is still more to see and do, down there. That is, without question, one of the most photogenic places I have ever been to. All of that granite, pinks and reds …. just begs to be the backdrop for something special. There are several theories about how enchanted rock got its name, but, I tend to believe it is because it glistens in the moonlight when it clears after a rainshower or it has an abundance of pools of water.

Enchanted Rock State Park straddles the County Line between Llano and Gillespie Counties almost centered between Llano, Texas and Fredericksburg, Texas on Ranch Road 965. Absolutely one of the prettiest drives in the State of Texas, especially in Bluebonnet season. This year, I was unable to capture the beauty of the bluebonnets on RR 965 … There are no pull off areas large enough to safely pull a truck/trailer over. The few that were even close were occupied.

All over the area around Llano and Fredericksburg pink granite is jifting out of the ground. It is literally everywhere. While a dome this size is very unusual, it is clear that the granite is just below the surface all over the place in this area.


Inside the park there are campsites for tents. There are no developed campgrounds inside the park. We haven’t tent camped out there, yet. We do plan on doing so, one of these days. I really want to do some night photography of the dome. Enchanted Rock is a “dark skies” area, so, the milky way heart will be visible.

There are at least five developed campgrounds, close by, that are all nice in their own way; and plenty large enough to accommodate pretty much any size rig. My personal favorite has a golf course closeby to it …. nothing better than an early round of golf while the wife shops in town, about 5 miles up the road. …. 😉

We have stayed at three different campgrounds on our trips to the area, in no particular order:

The closest is Oxford Ranch with full hookups. We loved it. The sites are in an open field, not all are completely level, but, weren’t too bad to deal with. I highly recommend this location for anyone looking for a campground in the area. Lots of roads for walking, lots of nature and wildlife to look at. Owners are very, very nice and it is relatively inexpensive. Both RV and tent campsites are available. They are on facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/Oxford-Ranch-Campground-LLC-130040763766079/

In Fredericksburg there is Fredericksburg RV Park which is actually walking distance to the downtown area. About 3/4 mile. We like to stay there and walk into town, have dinner, watch some live bands, drink a few wines and beers and walk back to the camper. Makes for a great way to end the day. Their website: http://fbgrvpark.com/

My favorite RV Park in the area (partly because of the golf course) is a municipal property in Fredericksburg called Ladybird Johnson RV Park. Beautiful park with lots of amenities, hiking trails, gardens, and very quiet. Website: http://www.fbgtx.org/343/Lady-Bird-Johnson-RV-Park

Photographs of Enchanted Rock State Natural Area


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