Suspension Bridges In Texas – On a quest to find them

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Texas Suspension Bridges

Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division, HAER, Reproduction number TX-98

Really?? Suspension Bridges??

Wow …. as a matter of fact, it never really crossed my mind to consider suspension bridges, here. I always thought the Golden Gate Bridge to be beautiful, just never really considered that this state, Texas, would have a collection of them. When I was researching a trip we are about to make, I ran across a suspension bridge over the Colorado River, near the town of San Saba called Regency Bridge. Regency Bridge is named for a town that was once in the vicinity. The town of Regency really is more a collection of farmhouses, but, the bridge remains.

We have, so far, seen to several of the known and usable suspension bridges and a couple of the sites where pieces or dilapidated bridges remain. The only one we have seen, to date, that allows vehicular traffic, is regency. Beveridge is just up the road and is for foot traffic only. Waco has one for foot traffic. There is a dilapidated bridge or two just west of sherman, I have only found one, so far. In this post, we will gather all of the suspension bridges and sites; as well as, pictures and maps to the various locations.

Regency Bridge

We have approached this location from three different towns, on three different occasions. The shortest, most direct, approach is from San Saba – taking Texas 16 North from City Center then after 5 miles or so left on Farm to Market 500 to the northwest about 20 miles. County Road 433 will be on the right. See the included map for other options …. This bridge and area is a spectacular place for shooting photos of all types and the views from the bridge are awesome.


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Waco Suspension Bridge

Of all of the standing suspension bridges in Texas, Waco (1869) is the oldest. I might even argue it is the most photogenic. It has huge cables holding up its deck. And the restoration it has gone through was done really well. We were there, early, on a Sunday morning the one time we have been there, so far …. and the activities of people in the area were more than a little, well, intimidating, so we didn’t hang around long. We plan to return when there is a little more everyday activity in the area, like when things downtown are open for business.


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Choctaw Creek Suspension Bridge

Choctaw Creek is one of two Suspension Bridges I’ve heard about between Sherman and Bonham, Texas. Of the two, it is the on’y one I have actually found. Believed to have been constructed around 1915, it, as well, was clearly never meant to be used for vehicular traffic. Foot, horses, and maybe a small wagon were clearly its intended usage. Choctaw Creek Suspension Bridge is located a few miles east of Sherman just north and very near the right of way for US Highway 82, it is visible from the highway. Winter is the easiest time to spot it … there is a lot of undergrowth encroaching, at this point.  I really need to make an effort to get up to the location in the winter to get some additional shots, before nature takes its course.  I hold a tiny speck of hope that someone (Texas DOT or the county or the property owner) does something to save this piece of North Texas history.


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Beveridge Suspension Bridge

We’ve been to the Beveridge Bridge Several times. It is clearly a hit with the locals. We often see couples shooting photos, out there. Beveridge was built in 1896 as a single lane bridge to get farmers and commodities to market. It is just to the northwest of San Saba on County Road 200 about a mile past the “Wedding Oak”. It was permanently closed in 2004 and restored in 2005 as a pedestrian bridge.


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Clear Fork of the Brazos Suspension Bridge

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