RV Mod: Adding / Installing an RV Dinette

December 19, 2016 Trailer Mods / Repairs

Adding an RV Dinette Introduction / Description

We do quite a lot of RV living in the winter months. We have a hybrid and in the winter it just isn’t comfy sleeping in a tent. Subsequently, we were looking for a way to have a permanent bed, as well as a table for additional counterspace, work, and eating meals. We came up with, considered heavily, and acted upon a plan for a fairly thin table that takes up about 6 inches of walking space.

Our plan involved buying 2 table legs and a 12 inch plank. We have been using this new table for several days and, for us, it works out perfectly. Our RV has very little counter space, and for cooking, we needed just a bit more. This table is a total score!! For working on the laptop, it also works well.

Below is a video we made for the installation.

Installation Video