Dinosaur Valley State Park – Footprints of a lost era …..

June 26, 2017 Uncategorized

Dinosaur Valley State Park – Introduction

Dinosaur Valley and Footprints in the sand? Millennia ago, there were. Today the footprints are encased in rock, in the Paluxy riverbed. Some above the waterline, some below. They say late summer is the time when the most footprints are visible and the least amount of water is in the riverbed. There are several things to see and do in the park.

Dinosaur Valley State Park – Things to do

Campsites … we didn’t camp within the park, but, there are a pile of water/electric RV sites to use.

Artifact Collection – There is much to learn all over the park. From the displays in various locations to the displays in the visitors center.

Hiking / Biking / Equestrian – There are numerous trails throughout the park for foot travel as well as for bike and horse use.

The best thing about being in the park was, without question, discovering and seeing the dinosaur tracks. There are two types of tracks, 3 toed predator and round, kind of like an elephant. Seeing all of these tracks is simply awe inspiring.

We highly recommend everyone see this park at least once. There is plenty to do for a day. Those with kids, this park will absolutely keep them busy and learning for hours at a time. This is really a special treat for the kid (and the adults that act like kids ;). The trails are well marked and not overly difficult to walk. Great exercise.

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