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We have started on a campaign to see every inch of the state we have called home since 1991.

We absolutely LOVE Texas.  Texas gave us more opportunities than we ever dreamed possible.  No or very little taxation, plenty of business, few regulations that seemed out of bounds, and very friendly people.  We started in 2012 to see this state.  We started with the panhandle.  No plans, nothing on the list that we had to do, just see what we can see.

In this blog we will cover the things that we like from all over the state along with a few things from other places we travel to.  Our goal is to create a repository for people to refer to when planning a trip to our beautiful state.  We will cover sights, wildlife, history, architecture, and natural wonders.

The posts in Febuary 2013 will cover our travels prior to 2013. (all trips we made in 2012).

We hope you enjoy our site, and please don’t hesitate to make comments and/or ask questions.