Suspension Bridges In Texas – On a quest to find them

November 21, 2016 Uncategorized

Texas Suspension Bridges

Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division, HAER, Reproduction number TX-98

Really?? Suspension Bridges??

Wow …. as a matter of fact, it never really crossed my mind to consider suspension bridges, here. I always thought the Golden Gate Bridge to be beautiful, just never really considered that this state, Texas, would have a collection of them. When I was researching a trip we are about to make, I ran across a suspension bridge over the Colorado River, near the town of San Saba called Regency Bridge. Regency Bridge is named for a town that was once in the vicinity. The town of Regency really is more a collection of farmhouses, but, the bridge remains.

We have, so far, seen to several of the known and usable suspension bridges and a couple of the sites where pieces or dilapidated br...

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The Road to Nowhere – Bryson City North Carolina

November 16, 2016 Trips

The Road to nowhere …. another unfulfilled promise between the federal government and ordinary people.

The Road to Nowhere - Bryson City North Carolina

The Road to Nowhere

In the 1930s and 40s people were displaced with the creation of Great Smoky Mountain National Park, and further with the building of Fontana Dam and Lake Fontana. People of many small communities lost their homes and the highway that once took them to their communities was buried under the new lake. The federal government promised to build a new road to connect these displaced people to their community cemeteries that remain, to this day along the north shore of lake fontana. Construction of the road stopped when an environmental issue was exposed. The issue was resolved, however, construction never resumed...

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Great Smoky Mountain Railroad

November 7, 2016 Trips

Great Smoky Mountain Railroad Steam Engine 1702

Great Smoky Mountain Railroad Steam Engine 1702 Preparing to Depart.

Smoky Mountain Railroad Introduction

Riding the Great Smoky Mountain Railroad was absolutely one of the major highlights of a recent trip we made to Bryson City North Carolina. It is pricey to do the first class ride in a dining car, but, without question well worth it. We moved all over the train from front to back. Closed cars/Open cars we went through a lot of rail cars. Every different kind of car had its good points and bad points.

Great Smoky Mountain Railroad Video

Open Cars

Open cars are great! Feeling the wind (it wasn’t hot) hearing the clickety-clack and the horns. And the smells of the passing scenery. If it was a hot day, I am sure it wouldn’t have been great in an open car...

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LBJ National Grassland … Decatur, Texas

November 3, 2016 Day Trip

Great Spot for a Picnic - LBJ National Grassland

Great Spot for a Picnic – LBJ National Grassland


Texas has, at least, three national grassland locations. There are two within a couple hours of our house, LBJ and Caddo. One east and one west from Dallas. We went out west to Decatur to LBJ National Grasslands. We are nearly equadistant from both so, it’s like flipping a coin deciding which one to go to.

National Grassland areas fall under the US Forest Service … the only difference between a national forest and a national grassland is exactly as the titles of each imply. Keeping areas of the plains protected is just as important as protecting forests. It’s the same concept, exactly. Protected ares with picnic/camping areas, hiking trails. We didn’t camp, we really just went to look around and do a little hiking.

LBJ National ...

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Fort Richardson State Park and Jacksboro

October 28, 2016 Day Trip

Fort Richardson Gate


One morning (June 16, 2012) we decided to drive out to Jacksboro, Texas to visit nearby Fort Richardson State Park.  We usually take a look around the nearby town and look at shops and other things that might be open.  I have driven back and forth through Jacksboro, many times.  This day we stopped in pretty early, by 9 AM.  We stopped in the town square, first,  Since we stopped on a Saturday morning, early by town square standards, nothing was open.  The courthouse stood absolutely closed.  Still, we looked around and took a few pictures, prior to entering the park.

Fort Richardson State Park

When we arrived at the state park, we paid our entry fees and spoke to the rangers, got some maps then we set out to look around...

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Turntable GSMR – Great Smoky Mountain Railroad

October 22, 2016 Trips

Railroad Turntable Introduction

Watching a steam train on a turntable, pure gold. We rode the train through the Nantahala gorge and back to Bryson City NC …. that’s about a 4 hour trip. Well worth the price of admission, in and of itself. More on that at a later date. We had the bonus of watching the steam engine turned using 1937 technology. Operators must achieve absolute balance of the table itself, with the engine perched, in order to just get the turning motion started. Watching everything and realizing what a feat it is, pure amazement. The realization of human power actually moving such a massive piece is awe inspiring.

Video of the event !


Great Smoky Mountain Railroad Turntable

Great Smoky Mountain Railroad Turntable

Great Smoky Mountain Railroad Steam Engine 1702

Great Smoky Mountain Railroad Steam Engine 1702 Preparing to Depart.

Here is a photo of S...

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