Anderson County Texas – Courthouse and other interesting places

Texas Map - Anderson County

Texas Map – Anderson County

Anderson County Courthouse - Palestine. Texas

Anderson County Courthouse – Palestine. Texas

Anderson County – Introduction

We stopped to tour the current Anderson County Courthouse in 2016, taking the opportunity to see it inside and out. It was thoroughly enjoyable to look around and we hope you enjoy our pictures of another beautiful Texas courthouse! This page is dedicated to the courthouses of Anderson County, Texas. There were 4 Total and as we locate records of each individual courthouse, we will update this page.

Anderson County and its Courthouses

Anderson County is named for Republic of Texas Vice-President Kenneth L. Anderson. The county has had a total of four courthouses built, over the years. The first in 1847, second in 1856, third in 1886 and the fourth and current courthouse built in 1914.

Pictures of the Anderson County Courthouse of 1914

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