Dallam County Texas – Courthouse and other interesting places

Texas Map - Dallam County

Texas Map – Dallam County

Dallam County Texas Courthouse - South Face

Dallam County Texas Courthouse – South Face

Dallam County – Introduction

We’ve been to Dallam County, just looking, twice. Once we spent the night. We specifically wanted to see the “Empty Saddle Monument” on our last trip in 2015, but, according to the locals, it has been removed. We saw the spot where it once was. It saddens me to have never had the opportunity to see it. The empty saddle is part of the remembrance of the Legendary XIT ranch. Hopefully, at some point, it will be viewable by tourists. I’ve always had lists of things to see on our travels, and our trips to this county have been well documented. We don’t always have the time to see it all, but, always plan to go back, at some point.

First off, one must always visit the county seat and explore monuments on the courthouse grounds as well as some of the parks maintained by the US, the County, and The City. Have to find the Vets Memorial and pay respects. Have to locate some of the more obscure things one might find while driving around.

Dallam County and its Courthouses

Dallam County was formed in 1876 from portions of Bexar County, it is named for James Wilmer Dallam, a Republic of Texas lawyer who compiled the first digest of Texas laws. County Seat is Dalhart, which sits on the border between Dallam and Hartley Counties. Dallam and Hartley Counties share several county resources.

The county has had exactly three courthouses. The first was built in the first county seat and only town in the county, Texline, in 1891. Dalhart grew quickly around a point where 2 rail lines (Rock Island – Ft Worth/Denver City) intersected. The second courthouse was built in 1903 in Dalhart, when the county seat was moved and the current courthouse was completed in 1923 to replace the 1903 courthouse.

Pictures of the older Dallam County Courthouses

None Located to Date.

Pictures of the Dallam County Courthouse of 1923 (Current)

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Other Dallam County Attractions

Dallam/Hartley County Jail is a shared resource between the two counties. The Art Deco era bridges that carry the rail lines over the roads are quite nice. Dallam/Hartley Veterans Memorial is rather large and very pretty, very much worth locating to see it. The Big Cowboy that was once over the entry to the Texas Cowboy Cafe is now outside of town at the intersection of US Highway 54 and Farm to Market 807. Just south of Kerrick on FM 807 is Minnie Mack Lane …. a dirt road that goes on for many miles and, when we drove it, ended at the point it went under water 20 miles in, or so. The map shows it continuing through …. lol!! Really pretty drive, though! The town of Bunker Hill does not survive, the shell of its school does! Kerrick School is a great example of an old brick school and really neat playground.

I’m certain, there is more to come.

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Our List of additional attractions to see

I didn’t find the cornerstone on the county courthouse (forgot)
Centennial Marker
Texline Roundhouse (Part of it still exists)
Rita Blanca National Grassland
XIT Museum
LaRita Theater Interior (Maybe catch a show)
XIT Ranch Headquarters
Explore the old Dalhart Army Airfield Area
Explore Railroad Activity that remains
Explore photographic history of the town (Courthouses, Jails, Railroad, etc)
Explore City and County Parks


If anyone knows of anything else … please leave us a comment! We’d love to see it, next time we go out!!


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