San Saba County – Courthouse and other interesting places

San Saba County

San Saba County

San Saba County Courthouse – San Saba, Texas – Texas Architecture

San Saba County Courthouse – San Saba, Texas – Texas Architecture

County – Introduction

Named San Saba because the San Saba river flows through the county.

The first time we went through San Saba was in 2013.  We have been back, time after time looking around and enjoying the various sites in the County.  Every time we stop in, we learn or find something new.  The parks in and around San Saba are very, very nice.  Mill Pond Park, Risien Park, not to mention San Saba River Nature Park also, there is an RV park and a golf course.  All of this, while not really walking distance, is very close together.

The main recurring theme of the city of San Saba is, water, lots and lots of water.  Ponds, creeks, rivers, springs, bridges, ancient trees, rustic surroundings and quaint country lanes.  A drive on just about any road in the area is pretty.  We have spent many days in the area between stop-ins and stayovers while at the RV park.  We anticipate many more, we just love the area.

Pictures of the San Saba County Courthouse of 1911 (Current)

The current courthouse, built in 1911, is rather unremarkable.  Mainly, because it hasn’t undergone restoration, recently, and is in a state of general usage for many years.  There are some very nice features of the courthouse, though.  As in so many other unrestored old courthouses, the balcony in the courtroom is closed off and likely used for air conditioning.

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Pictures of the inside and outside of San Saba County Courthouse.

Pictures of the older County Courthouses

None Located to Date.

 Other San Saba County Attractions

There are quite the number of things to see an do in and around the county.  In the town of San Saba, there is quite a nice little downtown, and a definite stop is Alamo Pecan &Coffee Company, right across the street from the courthouse.  Grab a nice cup of coffee and peruse the delectible pecan and coffee goods for sale.  We always find something we can’t live without.  The rest of our list of things to do is below and pictures follow.

Attractions List

  • Regency Bridge – The last suspension bridge in Texas that cars are still allowed to use
  • Beveridge Bridge – Suspension Bridge for foot traffic over the San Saba River
  • San Saba County Centennial Marker
  • San Saba County Jail (1884) – Still in use
  • Highway 190 Colorado River Bridge – Iron Through Truss
  • Wedding Oak – Centuries old Oak Tree
  • Mill Pond Park – Water, fountains, falls, mill wheel, bridges, monuments, swimming pool
  • Risien Park – Old playground, bridges, river, old spring fed swimming pool, cookout/picnic area
  • San Saba River Nature Park – Walking Trail, original water works ruins, creek, river
  • San Saba Peak – Lone peak in the county … the highest point



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Regency Suspension Bridge
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Beveridge Suspension Bridge
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San Saba County Attractions

Our List of additional attractions to see

If anyone knows of anything else … please leave us a comment! We’d love to see it, next time we go out!!


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